Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visitors From Hawaii

10/21: We had the greatest day today! My dear friend, Tiffiny and her 3 year old son Everett, came to visit us today!!! So exciting!!! They spent the day with us and it was wonderful! We had time to catch up and mostly we just played with babies! Tiffiny, thank you so much for coming out of your way to see us! We miss you, Auntie!! She also brought the Peas their birthday gifts! Yes, we opened them! We wanted Tiffiny to see Austin, Matthew and Emily enjoy thier gifts! You are awesome, my friend!! I have always said the the good Lord has blessed me with amazing friends!!! Oh, and the day was absolutely gorgeous today! So, we packed up the babies and went to the park in our neighborhood! They were on SWINGS for the very first time! YAY! They loved the swings!!