Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Updates

10/2: It is October and there is a different feel in the air. Finally, after many months of horrible humidity here in the south, it is feeling cooler! We are all doing extemely well! I am amazed that the Peas will be 11 months in 2 days! ELEVEN MONTHS! WOW!!! Time is just flying!
Austin has 4 teeth! He is so cute with his new teeth!!! Two on top and two on bottom!!!
Matthew has one tooth on top!
Emily has no teeth but will soon!
All babies are moving quite fast now! They crawl at lightning speed and move around playyard standing up extremely fast!!
They are all babbling and yelling "Mama" and "Dada"! oh, so very cute!
Emily started shaking her head NO at breakfast yesterday! NOT cute! She is way too advanced!
They still love Baby Einstein, Elmo and Sid the Science Kid!
They all love wheat waffles, toast, and YOBaby Yogurt in all flavors! Our new tasting this week was pears and mandarin oranges and whole green beans. They loved the green beans but are still unsure of the fruit! We also started sippy cups this week. They drank for a few seconds but really thought they were great new toys! Oh, and their favorite toy of the week: drumroll...our laundry basket that we use to collect toys. We will need toy chests soon!!
10/2: Emily relaxing on Elmo! Elmo gets a beatting every day! They love this!! We love the laundry basket! Cool toy!
10/1: Great new toy! Whats the liquid inside??
Austin with new sippy cup!
Emily looked like a pro with her new sippy cup!
We love oatmeal for breakfast!!
9/27: Church Picnic at Eastgate Park. Dad with the Peas!
Austin at picnic!
Emily at picnic!

Dad and Matthew relaxing at picnic!
9/26: We went shopping at commissary and found Mexican Marias. These are cookies that I grew up eating! The peas love them!!
Emily with her Maria cookie
Matthew with his Maria cookie
9/25: just hangin out and playing!
Another favorite toy, a basket that we use for toys! Austin loves to crawl inside it!
9/24: Rob's Graduation for his Advanced Non-Commisioned Officer Course! Congrats Dad!
Dressed to go see Dad graduate!!
9/19: Rob had a carwash today as part of his class! Christy hung out with us and we went and supported Daddy at his carwash at Hooters today!

9/14: Special Instruction Therapy Session
9/12: We tried Cheddar Cheese for the first time. They don't really like it yet!
What are these orange squares?
You want me to eat what??
9/11: Just hanging out!
Hanging out with Mom
One minute Matthew was sitting up and the next he just fell over asleep. It was so funny that I had to snap a pic!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Glad to see you are doing great. The pics are adorable! OMG, Nellie -Matthew looks so much like his Dad! I'm sure you hear this a lot;) Emily is such a doll, and Austin's hair is so long, so cute! Wow, the peas are so big now! Can you believe that our kids will turn 1 so soon! Rada