Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ELMO Party and Just Living

10/27: Well, we decided to do the BIG BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION a bit early! November 4th, is a Thursday this year so we decided to have the party on 31 OCT, at 12 noon! We are really excited!! It is so hard to believe that our babies are going to be ONE soon!! It is amazing that time has gone so fast. People always tell you that--one doesn't really believe--BUT it is so true! We are also celebrating our SURVIVAL!! Yes, it has been a hard year. We had TRIPLETS, we had babies in NICU for 45 days, we moved from Hawaii to the Mainland, we spent a month visiting family in TEXAS, we spent a few weeks staying with friends while we house hunted, we bought a house, and we did it all with three precious little babies in tow! Whew, I'm tired just writing about it!!
Birthday supplies have been purchased! The ELMO cake and cupcakes have been ordered!!I enjoyed filling the goody bags! I had to keep my eye on Rob--he kept stealing candy!Back to the Party---This is the first party we plan for our BABIES!! They love Sesame Street and ELMO so you might have guessed the theme! YES, it's an ELMO PARTY! We invited a few friends that are here in the area. We so wish we could share this day with everybody. I promise to post many pics of the party!!

Some presents have already started rolling in!
*Bryan, Rada and Ben--thank you for the gift! It is here!
*Jon, Meegan and Baby Mac--thank you for the gift! It is here!
*Mike, Tiffiny and Rhett--well, those gifts have been opened and are being enjoyed!! Thank you!
Every single day is a new adventure in our lives! We are not really sure if we do everything right but we give it a shot. That parent manual is still on back order! Here are some pics of every day life!
We can all hold bottles! Yay!Yesterday I bought this great toy bin on Craigslist for $20! Toys not included-those are ours but you see that it is already filling up!?! The lady was so amazing to us! She sent Rob home with a cool walking toy that the babies fought for as soon as they saw it and a bagful of great looking shoes for Emily! Thanks Shelly for your generosity. We loved everything!Emily just started making the silliest faces when she doesn't like something. We call them "trompas"! She is too cute. This time it was eating mashed potatoes for the second time. She liked them the first time but is second guessing them now!This past Sunday, the Cowboys played. Rob even moved the ottoman in front of his chair! HA! Austin overtook the chair and napped on it! Poor Dad!This past Sunday we also had a guest for lunch. Our dear friend, Heather! We had a great time! Rob's baby back ribs were pretty amazing too! Emily was tuckered out!
Boys playing! Austin and his Winnie the Pooh phone! Dad with Austin after his bath!
Afternoon nap! Usually, Emily waits for me to rock her but she was tired today! The Boys!
Trying out winter hats!
Lunch line up!
Rob cooked Rotisserie Chicken! Nice treat! Usually we cheat and buy it at Sam's!!
Emily eating Mom's PeasI sincerely think the boys enjoy my Peas more than Emily! What do you think? Matthew with Dad
I think he likes caps!