Monday, October 24, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños Papí

10/24: Today is my Father's birthday! I am blessed with a great father! Feliz Cumpleaños!! He is very old school. He reprimanded us with the 'stare'! We knew he meant business! He didn't discipline much. He didn't have to at all. We knew that if it got to the point were 'apa was involved, we would be in deep trouble!! I love my father. I love that he taught us to be good children. He taught us to respect our Mother. He taught us to respect our elders. He taught us how to survive in life. He taught us how to live life within our means and to always appreciate what we have. He taught us NOT to live on credit but to save for what we want in life. He taught us an incredible work ethic. He is an immigrant but he taught himself how to be a crane operator-a good, honest skill and we never lacked anything. I am proud of my father and the MAN that he is! Te AMO Papí, que tengas un día hermoso!

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