Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Week 2012

2/14: So, we celebrated Valentine's Day ALL week!! It started Sunday night. I spent about 2 hours addressing Valentine cards for our very FIRST Valentine Party! The party had 20 guests! That meant I had to address 19 Valentine cards for each child and attach 2 lollipops to each card! The party was a success for us. A bit scary for me because I was taking the TRIO alone and the party was at a restaurant. Overall, they did great! The party organizer had stickers for the kids to decorate their Valentine boxes. BTW, I could NOT find shoe boxes so this clever MOMMA used Huggies plastic wipe boxes for their Valentine boxes! They worked amazingly!! The kids had a blast! I let them eat candy and more candy and then I confiscated everything!

Monday nite I had to address and fill goody bags for their classmates at MDO! It was fun and a bit easier since it is a small class!! I also baked cupcakes for their class! They had a great Valentine party on Tuesday at MDO but once again, I let them eat a few pieces of candy and was forced to confiscate candy again!

On Wednesday, we celebrated by baking heart shaped Strawberry cakes! They were super yummy! The Trio helped with every step...even turning the mixer on! My Mom used to make every holiday special for us! She would get us special little things. This was the first year that I celebrated Valentine's Day by getting something special for each of the kids. Unfortunately, Rob was working evening shift and I had to give them their special heart chocolate without Daddy! BUT, they LoVED it!!!

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