Friday, January 7, 2011

Texas, Part III, Wela Mina

12/20: My Grandmother or "Welita Mina" was an amazing high spirited woman! She loved the Lord and was a fine Christian woman! She was the first one at family gatherings or parties and loved pictures! I loved my Wela and no trip to Harlingen was ever complete unless we visited with her first! This visit was different. She was no longer in her apartment that she had lived in since I could remember. She was at a facility and she looked frail. My parents went with me probably because they knew that there would be shock! I visited for a little while. I'm not sure that she knew it was me. When I was leaving and I told her goodbye, she gave me her blessing! I am blessed that I got to see her one last time and heard her voice. We will miss Wela in our lives, our gatherings and our hearts! The handsome Longoria brothers. Tío Israel, my Dad and Tío Omar
Meagan, Ale, Ellie, Abbie, Nellie & Norma
Nellie, Norma, Ellie, Liz, Patty & Priscilla
Las Primas
Robe & Baby RJ
Lazarito & his beautiful daughter Kay
Paula, Robbie, Ale, Norma & Abbie
Wela Mina's Grandchildren (Primos & Primas)
Ale with Norma
After the funeral, we all gathered at the park! We knew that Wela Mina would have been so happy to see everybody eating and enjoying each other's company! Funerals are always bittersweet! The sweet part for me was being able to see my aunts, uncles and so many cousins that I had not seen in many years!
We had a potluck of sorts. Everybody picked something to bring and share at the park! Here is Emily with her own slice of pizza!
Matthew tried soda for the very first time!
Lupita with Melanie! Lupita has been my dear friend since 1985! Yes, that is many years! Through the years Lupita has been an amazing friend not just to me but to our entire family! No family gathering is the same without Lupita!! She is like a sister to all of us!My Dad's two beautiful sisters. On left is Tía Chela and on right is Tía Olga
Our cousin Lazarito or as he is known on facebook, Chico L. Malacara!!
With our cousin Gracie
Norma & Tío Omar
Ale with Austin
Longoria Men
Rob & Nellie
Robe & Norma
Tío Omar, Robbie, Dad & Tío Paulito
Robbie & Paula
Baby RJTío Israel, Tía Olga, Dad, Tío Omar, Tía Chela & Tío Paulito
Wela Mina's Great Grandchildren
Matthew, Melanie & Emily
Matthew & Austin

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