Friday, January 7, 2011

It IS a NEW year!! PART I

1/7: It is our first week in January! Already 7 days in and I am still behind! Behind. Behind. Behind. Behind on laundry, cleaning, posting pics and blogging!! I always thought that I was actually going to have more time but that just doesn't seem to happen!! I will have to say that pictures on this trip are extremely limited. It just seemed that we were always so busy chasing babies that taking pictures was not always important. It is a first that I found myself without my camera but things were just so challenging on this trip!

So we went on a long awaited trip to Texas!! It was an amazing trip with lots of happenings!!

Preparing to go ANYWHERE with triplets is a HUGE endeavor! Packing and planning is key but it sure is tricky trying to get everything done! We packed the RV for days. Planning menu and snacks for the kids. We were tired before the trip even began!!
We left very early in the morning on Saturday, 4 DEC. The trip was uneventful except trying to keep 2 year old triplets entertained for over 10 hours is a challenge. WE ate, snacked & napped well though. Having the RV is a huge advantage and at times the kids did roam freely and got to play. We made it to Ellie's house early evening! The kids were shy at first but soon relaxed and had a great time playing with their cousins! Ellie prepared her awesome Enchiladas & rice for dinner! It sure was nice to be in Texas and surrounded by family!
Our 1st night in Texas eating enchiladas! Eating BreakfastOur kids are deprived! HA! They had NEVER had hot cheetos! They actually liked them!! Here they are sharing a bowl of HOT cheetos with Melanie!!
The 1st few days were designated as work days for Rob. He had to clean up our property and take care of our donkeys and make sure they were ready for winter! We do have a new addition. We had named him Bubba but Rob soon found out that we had a girl baby! I think Bubbles is going to be her name! He also shredded the property and had a 'ferrier' come and take care of the donkeys. He had 3 days of intense work at the property.
Our new BABY! It's a GIRL!
The family! We have--from left to right--Chloe, Forrest, New Baby, Lt. Dan and Jenny!
On Wednesday we left for San Antonio to visit Rob's family! It is always amazing to visit San Antonio and Aunt Ginger always plans a big dinner for the whole family! We were able to visit with everybody!! (With everything going on...unfortunately--I forgot the camera in Austin!!)

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