Friday, January 7, 2011


12/7: We enjoyed time outside when the weather allowed!!Taking a ride in Melanie's wagon!
12/11: On Saturday, we loaded up in the RV and headed to Harlingen! It was a great 6 hour trip! Austin, Matthew and Emily loved this part of the trip and they played, napped and had fun! Our first stop was my parents! My Mom and Dad were overjoyed to see the kids!! They had toys for the kids and the kids at first were shy but soon warmed up to both Mom and Dad!
Dad with Matthew
Bed Hair
12/14: On Tuesday, my cousin Ramona came over to cook lunch! She taught me how to make "Pachucos"! They were very good and I had a great time cooking with Ramona! She has always been one of my favorite cousins! She is super funny!!
Out of all 3 babies, Matthew LOVED the "Pachucos" the best! He ate 2 of them!
Matthew and AlejandraPachucos! yummy!
Emily eating her Pachuco!
12/19: The weather was absolutely beautiful! On Sunday, we took kids to the park!
Matthew loves the slide!
Dad on slide with Austin
Ale with Emily
The Boys
Ale with RJ! (RJ is my sister Norma's grandbaby--Robbie and Paula's baby boy!!)

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