Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Week without Daddy

8/23: Rob left Saturday morning! We had an uneventful weekend.
Breakfast Monday morning!! The day started pretty normal but it quickly went into chaos mode during morning nap. Needless to say--there was no morning or afternoon nap! Sigh! We have not had any issues with naps or bedtimes since January!! Not sure if they are just now realizing that Daddy has been gone for 2 days!! Mommy didn't get a shower until 10 pm!! Rough and exhausting day! Terelle did stop by for about an hour this afternoon and that at least gave me an hour mental break and pleasant adult conversation!Playtime after breakfast! They are loving working with puzzles!
8/24: The triplets are just now starting to watch movies. They love Toy Story 2, Madagascar Escape to Africa, Monsters vs Aliens and their current FAVORITE the Chimpmunks the Squekuel. They like to either sit in their Elmo chairs with blankets all around them or cuddle on couch with pillows and blankets!
Daddy---here is Emily sending you EYES!!Austin was not getting cozy on couch at all!! He was digging through toy chest looking for his toy Woody from Toy Story!
My Babies---I just love these little guys!! Thank YOU Lord for this blessing!!
8/25: Breakfast Time! I just discovered Yoplait makes yogurt especially for kids. It is a stiff consistency so they can spoon and it does not run all over the place. Up until now we have been fans of YoBaby Organic yogurt but this harder yogurt makes life so much easier!! Oh, and these kiddie bowls have suction on the bottom so they stick to tray! Yay!
Playtime--Yes, the blankey obsession continues!
Austin loves pictures!
This is their new FAVORITE place!!
8/26: Today we had a playdate with Jaime and Cort. Cort is 19 months and is very close in age to the triplets! It was a great playdate and all got along very well!! Thanks Jaime!! Jaime also brought lunch--pizza from her husband's restaurant! It was super yummy!!! The kids ate together. Unfortunately, my camera's battery was dead!! So, no pics!!
8/27: We went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). It was fun and I am so glad that I went. Trying to do stuff by myself is hard. The issue is not getting them ready although that is rather involved and has to be planned but when I get to where I am going...unloading three wiggly toddlers....well, you can imagine the chaos! Fortunately, two of my friends were also attending so they met me outside and helped me walk one of the babies in while I walked with the other two! (oh, if only I had two more arms!) The great thing about MOPS is that it is fellowship with other mothers and childcare is provided! The triplets had a bit of an issue and there were lots of tears. They are not used to being in a daycare environment and are not used to being watched by others! I am always with them. We don't have a sitter or anything of the sort. This was hard for them but I will be attending Enterprise MOPS once a month and Dothan MOPS twice a month and hopefully their fear of being watched by others will start getting better. After MOPS, which really was fun and relaxing, (my one treat for the week!) we went and hung out at Allie's house. She kindly cooked kid gourment lunch: fish sticks and macaroni and cheese! She fed all the kids!! Allie and Angela watched the triplets while I ran to the store to pick up milk! We go through lots of MILK these days!!

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Anonymous said...

Yea for you Nellie. It is so good for the goods to get used to being around others. What a great group of people to choose this adventure with.
Connie VH