Friday, August 20, 2010

Aloha Friday

8/20: We are super busy today. Rob is leaving tomorrow for 18 days TDY to Ft. Hood. So, we have lots to do before he leaves. We have replenished freezer and pantry. I am not sure if I will be able to go to the grocery store while he is gone so we stocked up on many staples that the kids love to eat! We always have time to take pictures of our little ones!

Kathryn bought this pretty tutu dress for Emily a few months back. I hand-washed it a few days ago and it was hanging on her dresser. This morning she kept pointing at it. Emily really is a girly girl and loves anything PINK! Here is Matthew having a mini-meltdown! Not always smiles and giggles here!
Kathryn brought us some puzzles today! We absolutely LOVE them! Thanks, Kathryn for always being so thoughtful! They are really getting the hang of them!
Our living room is pretty big but these three are never far from each other!
My Emily...she is so beautiful!
Here is one of Austin's famous smiles!
We are all looking forward to cooler this time we still can not play outside. This week we have had temps in the 100's!
Elmo chairs in play house!!
This was too funny...Emily put her Elmo chair in and Matthew didn't want to let her in the house. They babbled back and forth. Matty kept closing the door!
Emily NEVER gave up and my great problem solver....she decided to go in through the window!!
We have so many cayenne peppers!!

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