Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Varicose Veins No More

8/5: Varicose veins are one of the after effects of gaining weight during pregnancy. I had them and they increasingly became more and more painful. So, I decided to get them treated. I found a doctor that treats them with a procedure called EVLT. It is a procedure that requires no hospitalization! This procedure uses a laser to close the vein shut. (in the old days, they would strip the veins!--ouch) It is minimally invasive and leaves no scarring! The procedure took about 45 minutes. Okay, yes, it was painful but after all my body has gone through, it was minimal. I am glad that it is over! I do have to see the doctor once a week for 6 weeks to make sure that the procedure was 100% effective. I am wearing a compression hose and it is simply not fun but I am willing to sacrifice to have painfree pretty legs again!
We had to take the babies with us to the procedure and since it was our second appt, the nurses and office staff were all waiting to see the Peas! They love the attention!!
Recovery has been successful. It is hard to bend down and pick up babies but I really have no choice. Oh, and my left leg is one big bruise! Pretty!!!

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Jan Childress said...

You ought to consult a doctor about your veins