Saturday, August 8, 2009

Highchairs for the Peas

8/8: Part of my recovery from my surgery is to walk! So, today after lunch we decided to go walking at Babysrus!! We were in desperate need of highchairs. So far, I had been feeding the babies in their vibrating chairs while I sat on the floor. Well, I have not been able to sit on the floor this week because of my leg! So, we decided NOW was a good time to invest in highchairs! Highchairs are not expensive around $100 but when you have to buy 3, you end up spending well over $300! The manager at Babysrus knows us now and they extend a 10% discount to us every time we shop! This at least saves us the taxes on our purchases! Very good deal for us! The Peas love their new eating arrangements!! The chairs also came with a musical suction toy! Cute! Poor Dad had to put three more things together!!
The BoysDad with the Peas (Emily, Matthew and Austin)
Mom with Peas

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