Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crawling, Sitting, Standing & Yogurt

8/25: Our Peas are 42 weeks! Where does time go? We are having a great time with them! They are advancing and doing so much! First of all, on my last updates I reported that only Emily was crawling. Everyone is crawling now. I mean really crawling! They look great! Also, only Emily and Austin were sitting on their own. That too has changed. Matthew started sitting over the weekend! Amazing to watch their progress and how each one is so completely different in development! Yesterday, I was sitting watching the babies and Matthew crawled up to the gate and got on his knees and then stood all the way up! I was amazed! So, now all three are at the same level again. All three crawling, all three sitting independently and all three standing! Our other new thing is baby yogurt. I introduced to them this past Saturday. Stonyfield has an organic baby yogurt that is great! The Peas absolutely LOVED yogurt!!
The Peas, Matthew Austin

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