Sunday, December 7, 2008

Triplets, 33 Days Old

12/07: It is unbelievable to see our babies grow! They are gaining weight fast! Matthew made it to 5 lbs and we are quite sure that Emily will be 5 lbs tomorrow!!! Matthew is our little star! Now, not to be outshined is our little Austin. He pulled his feeding tube out and it was decided to leave it out and see how he does with his feedings! So far so good! He looks so much better now that he doesn't have any tubes in his sweet little face! Emily is looking great and is not far behind Matthew! She looks adorable and usually spends more time awake than her brothers while we are at the hospital. She has big beautiful eyes than follow your every move!!
My blogging was a bit slow this week because I haven't felt well and I have been resting in the evening! My boobie issues are not completely resolved but I am praying that it will continue to get better every day! Milk production is still very slow but I continue to pump and hopefully the meds the doctor has me on will start working soon! Keep us in your prayers!
Important Updates:
Austin weighs 4 lbs 11 1/2 oz (2135 grams)
Matthew weighs 5 lbs 2 oz (2314 grams)
Emily weighs 4 lbs 15 1/2 oz (2251 grams)


Kelly Rivera said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. But think positively that it will get better soon... and think of how beautiful those babies are and how they continue to do so well!!! I just know it won't be long and I see that you will have brought them home!

Anonymous said...

We celebrate with you the progress that each sweet baby is making.

Lydia mentioned when looking at the recent blog photos that her little "cutie pie babies" were growing bigger and and so much more cute! She even smeared my labtop screen with smudgey kisses when viewing the pictures.

Our prayers continue to flood the heavens for each of the babies as well as for the both of you.

The Kim's
Calvin, Brenda, and Little Lydia