Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Western Medicine

After about 6 weeks of vitamins, acupuncture, cupping, etc, we were ready to start our fertility meds! Oh, I forgot to mention that I quit drinking coffee in FEB!! Not sure how I forgot as this was quite traumatic for me and for weeks walked around like a zombie at work!!
1 APR: Rob had wrist surgery.
2 APR: Consulted with our fertility doctor. He performed an ultrasound and blood work to check if we were ready for fertility meds. Everything checked out and we were given our meds!
3 APR: Our fertility treatment started. The first 2 days I only had 2 shots a day but on the 3rd day, it increased to 4 shots a day--3 different medications. We were really happy that the meds were different than the ones that we had used for our procedure in NOV 2007. I had to do two shots in my belly, one in the am and one in the pm and also 2 shots in my upper thigh, one in the am and one in the pm. This was also rough because the last two treatments Rob administered all the shots. Well, with Rob's arm in a cast--I had to do all my own shots. OUCH!!! NOT FUN!!!
11 APR: We had our first ultrasound and bloodwork that showed that the treatment was going well. The "follicles" were developing very slowly but the doctor said that it was normal. I left the office with misgivings but tried to think positively!!!
14 APR: We had our 2nd ultrasound and bloodwork that again showed that the treatment was going well but slow.
16 APR: We had our 3rd ultrasound and bloodwork that also showed that everything was going well. The doctor said we were ready for egg retrieval!
17 APR: Had our HCG shot in the evening. This induces the eggs for prepartion for retrieval.
19 APR: Egg retrieval day!!! I was a mess this morning. In fact, I took a valium that was intended for our "transfer". When they were putting my IV in (the anesthesiologist was terrible--she stuck me 4 times!!) I was really scared. Rob was with me up until I went to the operating room. This is the actual day of conception!!!
When I woke up from anasthesia, the doctor said everything had gone very well and that they had retrieved 22 eggs. WE were very happy to hear the report!!! BTW, while I was under Rob was doing his business in preparation for my eggs. Poor thing had to do everything left handed because his arm was still in a cast.
20 APR: Weekly acupuncture appt. I really felt that I needed it as the "embryo transfer" would be on 22 APR!!!

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