Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bedrest, pineapple, Brazil Nuts, OH MY!

22 APR to 26 APR: Bedrest was required after the embryo transfer. I took the necessary time off from work. I did very little. I did manage to sleep alot...(the week before we had moved into our new house so I was actually really tired!!)
I went a little crazy reading all kinds of websites on what to do after transfer and what not to do... Many had recommended eating pineapple. The core has "bromelain" which is a complex mixture of substances that can be extracted from the stem and core fruit of the pineapple. Well, since I was on the crazy train already...why not. I ate so much pineapple my tongue hurt. I ate pineapple for 6 days after transfer!
I had also read that it was recommended to eat Brazil Nuts. I really can't remember what they were for but you better believe that poor Rob was at the commissary searching for Brazil nuts. Which we discovered we couldn't buy except in the Planters mixed nuts can. So, he would bring it home and dig out all the Brazil nuts for me. He's my hero!
I stayed in bed this time. No walking. No complaining!! (hard for me to be still for long!!!) I did not go downstairs at all until SAT. The hardest part was to see Rob running around doing so much. At the time he still had a cast on his right arm so if he had to bring me anything, he had to go up and down the stairs several times. I love you, Rob!!
The cramping was not too bad. I took tylenol if I had discomfort but for the most part it was okay. The day before the transfer we also started Progesterone in OIL shots on my butt! Not pleasant at all. Hurts very much!!!!
My friend Terelle came to visit one afternoon and my friend Christy also came to hang out on another afternoon. It was very nice to have their support! I watched FRIENDS on dvd....and just relaxed!!!

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