Thursday, March 20, 2008

Walter Ranch

20 MAR: We finally took the plunge and bought a small piece of property in Rockdale, Texas! I say small but it is actually 17.38 acres to be exact. It's beautiful! Rob is very excited to finally have a piece of property to call our own!! Our realtor was excellent!! Overall we had an amazing experience shopping for property before settling on what we are temporarily calling Walter Ranch!!! The property has 2 miniature donkeys! Yes, we now own donkeys too! Never in my wildest imagination did I think we would own donkeys!!! Also, it has a 1/2 acre pond which we are affectionately naming "LONGORIA LAKE". (Longoria is my maiden name for those who do not know.)

Proud Land Owner!!

Our Favorite Tree!

Andrew Swinging

Meagan Swinging

Me with Mom and Ellie

the girls


view of Lake Longoria

Rob's personal Golf Tee

Rob with Meagan and Andrew by the lake

Rob fishing at Lake Longoria

fishing with the kids!

Day view of Lake Longoria

Sunset at Lake Longoria

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