Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Baby Making Scheme

1 APR: Our Baby making "scheme" started the first week of April. Actually, the "western medicine" started in April but I was already doing other creative fertility methods...I was excited and scared to do this all over again. I did feel that I had a bit more control.
While I was on vacation my mother insisted that I visit with an homeopathic "doctor". (not sure if she was a real doctor as all she prescribed was vitamins). I started a fertility homeopathic regiment. All natural products. I was even drinking aloe vera juice!!! (helps cleanse the uterus and actually not bad tasting at all!) This was a 30 day ritual that I intended on finishing before we started our in-vitro procedure. ( I was taking about a dozen or more pills a day---before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, before bedtime!!!)
Secondly, I started Chinese acupuncture and cupping. We started doing this every Sunday in China Town! Very interesting and very relaxing! (highly recommend both!!) Rob was so incredibly supportive through all my crazy ideas that he even did acupuncture once to show his support!! Plus, my acupuncturist put Rob on crazy chinese herb pills for fertility.
(Rob was also taking a whole slew of vitamins. Zinc, vitamin C, sellenium, omega 3, etc. )
When I say, we did it all, I really do mean it!!

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