Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

11/22-12/6: This year we were blessed with being able to go to Texas for Thanksgiving. It is quite an ordeal to travel with 3 one-year old babies. We do travel with a trailer attached to our van. It is impossible to travel without it. There is so much that we need to make our stay outside of our home possible. We had a great trip and it was great to see all of our family! The raod trip was so much easier with the van! Oh, we just upgraded to forward facing carseats! yay! So, on the road trip we watched lots of Elmo and Sid the Science Kid!

Special Thanks: Thank you Tina, Mom and Dad Walter and Aunt Ginger for the amazing gifts of carseats for the babies! You are all amazing and so giving to our family! We feel so blessed! This was the first time traveling with forward facing car seats and made the entire trip so much easier and entertaining for ALL!!

Emily and Melanie
Ellie with Austin
Ellie, Meagan, Andrew with Austin and Matthew
Thanksgiving morning....Rob, Robe, Ellie and Norma trying to make pumpkin pies!
Andrew and Austin as a turkey!
Welo Pepe with Emily
Rob with Matthew
Welo Pepe with Meagan, Emily and Matthew
Guest of Honor
Ellie and Meagan
Meagan, Andrew and Ellie
Norma and Nellie
Ellie, Mom, Norma and Nellie
Children's Table
Ellie and Melanie
Sisters being silly
Norma and Abbie
Abbie and Amalia
with my Dad
My Dad
Nellie and Norma
with Dad
Nellie, Norma, Dad and Alejandra
Ellie, Melanie, Dad, Norma, Nellie and Austin
Norma and Austin

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