Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Birthday Celebration: Piñata Time in Texas!

11/28: We had one more party for the Peas! Longoria Family would not let birthday go by without having a Piñata celebration! We had a great time hitting poor Elmo! Also had a great time reconnecting with Maria and Rosita who attended our celebration!
JR ready for the party! Tío Robe getting piñata ready!
Dad helping with Elmo piñata!
Tío Robe
Norma with Austin, Ellie with Emily, Mom with Matthew & ELMO!
La Familia Walter con piñata de Elmo
Familia Longoria, Familia Walter, Familia Flores, Familia Gonzalez

Dad with Austin hitting Elmo piñata!
Mom with Matthew hitting Elmo piñata!
Norma with Emily getting ready to hit Elmo piñata!
JR hitting Elmo piñata!
Diego hitting Elmo piñata!
Maria with Austin
Emily with Ramona
Andrew hitting Elmo piñata!
Ellie and Melanie

Melanie hitting Elmo piñata!
Mom hitting piñata
Ellie hitting piñata!
Lots of candy!
Norma hitting piñata!

Dad hitting piñata!
And yet another Elmo cake!
Singing Happy Birthday! Yes, we sing three times every time we sing!!
Happy Birthday Austin, Matthew and Emily!

Abbie with Emily
Emily trying to walk! (new dress: gift from Vee and Mike!)
Ellie, Abbie and Emily
Abbie, Ellie, Norma, Matthew, Emily and Meagan

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