Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching up...

Airport bound! Ellie with Emily
Ellie with Matthew
Ellie with Austin

Friday the 13th - We woke up early. Rob had to run some errands on Schofield Barracks. Ellie walked across the street to the new IHOP and got us breakfast. It was busy busy today trying to get packed up!! Meegan and Jonathan volunteered to take us to the airport. My Honda stayed in Hawaii with Meegan as we used it until the last moment there! We had 13 pieces of checked baggage, 6 carry ons, 3 diaper bags. 3 car seats, 3 boppys, 2 purses, 1 laptop and one Hilton Hawaiian bag full of Hawaiian shortbread cookies!! Oh, my! yes, it was alot and we are actually surprised that we made it to the airport! I tell you what, Meegan is such a sweetheart and I just can not say that enough! She is so thoughtful! She sent us off with goodies for the babies and then dropped us off and came back with Popeyes chicken strips for us to eat lunch while we waited for our flight! We devoured an entire box of 20 chicken strips between the three of us! We were so hungry!! We were at the airport very early to make sure we had enough time since we had soooo much stuff. We paid the skycap at the curb and this made it much easier. We later paid another porter to help us onboard. Again, Ellie was instrumental in this as I stayed by the gate as she and Rob got our stuff on board with the porter. That porter helped so much and sure did earn his tip. He was so kind! The plane ride was amazing! Austin, Matthew and Emily slept the entire trip. They woke up periodically to eat and went right back to sleep! I think people around us were scared of us having 3 babies but our babies were great!! We had ready made bottles that the NICU had sent the babies home with and we had saved for the trip and they worked out GREAT!
14 FEB - shortly after midnight, I got up and pumped in the plane bathroom. When I returned I had a package from Maui Divers in my seat. Amidst all the chaos, Rob had remembered that it was Valentine's Day! He is so sweet. He got me an Aloha heart pendant that Maui Divers is known for! Thanks honey!!!
We landed in Dallas and rented a 15 passenger van. It was in the 30's when we arrived. Such a dramatic change! We were quite happy to make it to Texas. The transition from plane ride to van ride was easy and the babies were GREAT!!! Rob set up our Lolita (our GPS) and we were on our way! We were so excited!! My mom was waiting at Ellie's house!

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