Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tears and Exhaustion

8/31: Today Rob reminded me that I have not blogged in a while. I am not sure why I have not because I love to write and share about our amazing babies! So, I decided to take time tonight to write how I am feeling! Last night around midnight Matty came to our room. Coughing woke him up and kept me awake. I got up and got baby Robitussin but that stuff is just nasty so I could not get him to take it at all! Rob can sleep through anything so he told me he would stay w/Matty and for me to go sleep in the guest room! By this time it was 1:45 am. At 4:30 am I woke up and came back to our room and Rob was in the shower and what do I find? Matty fully awake and greeted me with, "hi, Mommy"! Seriously? Then he asks me "where is Austin?". I tell him Austin is sleeping but he didn't believe me and went to their room to check. Came back and asked for Mickey Mouse. I turned tv on and we watched cartoons for several hours! The day DID NOT get better! Today, was a rough day! We had NOT had such a bad day in a very long time! I say BAD because I seldom am reduced to tears because I have screaming, whiny and cranky babies!! At moments like this I do cry! I do pray! I take a moment to breathe and refocus. As luck would have it, Rob had to work 2 extra hours today and although he was just as tired as I was, when he did get hom, he let me have some time alone for a nap and quiet time. I love my three beautiful babies and so grateful that I AM tired because a baby kept me awake!! So, tomorrow will be another day and will bring more kisses and hugs and probably a bit of screaming and crying as well!

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