Saturday, October 23, 2010

Enterprise Fall Festival

10/23: We went to the Enterprise Fall Festival! My friend Jamie invited us to join them. We went and we all had a great time!! Thanks Jamie for helping so much!

"The Boll Weevil Monument in downtown Enterprise is a prominent landmark and tribute erected by the citizens of Enterprise in 1919 to show their appreciation to an insect, the Boll Weevil, for its profound influence on the area's agriculture and economy. Hailing the beetle as a "herald of prosperity", it stands as the world's only monument built to honor an agricultural pest."
Cort with Matthew, Austin and Emily
Austin with his sugar cookie! I bought the boys "I LOVE MY MUMMY" shirts! They looks so cute!
Emily with her stylish shades and her "Mommy thinks I'm bootiful" shirt!
picking out our rubber duckie!
Cort picking out his duckie!

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