Tuesday, July 27, 2010


7/27: So, I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been busy indeed. A week or so before Disney things just started getting super busy. Trying to pack the babies and the RV for 6 days is not easy. The packing we took in stages: clothes and food! As far as clothes--well, think about it...I needed to pack 2 outfits per day for 3 babies. That makes 6 outfits/day multiply that by 6. You got it! I had to pack 36 outfits. (we didn't think we would be doing laundry on vacation!) In addition, I had to pack pjs, onesies, shoes, enough diapers and certainly plenty of baby wipes. It simply is astronomical the stuff we have to travel with these days! Plus, I had to plan a menu and make sure we had enough snacks to keep everybody happy! This was lots of hard work. Rob had a tough job as well! He had to pack RV and make sure we had everything that we would need for a weeks stay away from home!

I put Disney pics up as soon as we got home but never blogged about our trip! The trip was great but it truly was exhausting! The babies enjoyed the shows the best! The Nemo and the Lion King were the favorite! Their little faces were amazing to watch! Anyway, a trip like this with triplets is crazy! I am so glad we shared this trip with my little sister Ellie and family. Without them, we simply would not have made it. Lots of attractions did not allow strollers. So, babies were carried alot! Three babies...2 adults....would not have worked! We LOVE Disney and WILL go back but only when the babies are older and they truly now what is going on around them! I feel truly blessed that I got to spend another vacation with my little sister!

When we got back from Disney the babies got sick with colds. They were actually sick before we left for Disney and I had taken them to the pediatrician who said it was viral and no antibiotics needed. Anyway, we ended up having to go back to the doctor. Then we got a round of antibiotics for 10 days. As you know, one sick...all sick! Recovering from vacation and 3 sick babies took a toll on me. I also had been sick but I kept taking over the counter meds. I eventually got so sick and felt so miserable that Rob forced me to make an appointment. I ended up with a severe sinus infection and fluid in both ears! I also was put on lots of meds and antibiotics. Rob was able to take a couple days off from work while I recuperated! It actually took me longer than normal to get better. My energy levels were completely zapped!

We all recovered from our colds and had to prepare for my older sister Norma's visit with her family! I feel truly blessed that within weeks both my sisters were able to come and visit us!! Norma and family stayed for a week! We did absolutely nothing but relax, cook, eat and enjoy each other's company! It was wonderful!! The best part---my lovely niece Alejandra decided to stay with us for the summer! It has been an amazing blessing for me and the Peas to have Ale with us!! We love you ALE!!!

So, in a nut shell, that is what I have been doing and why I haven't blogged! Thanks to all for your continued prayers! Life is sometimes hard but there is always a baby laughing or crying in the background that reminds me that if all the dishes didn't get washed or all the laundry folded, it is OK!!

Triplet-wise (I just invented a word!) things are going well. All are doing extremely well! Our routine pretty much stays consistent every single day!

Therapy: We still receive Speech Therapy and Special Instruction Therapy once a week. The babies are still Speech and Language delayed but are making strides in the right direction!

Naps: We are holding on to our 2 naps a day! I know there will come a day really soon that we will move to one nap but in the meantime...2 naps it is!

Eating: We eat just about anything! There is really not much that we have encountered that the Peas will not eat! They usually eat anything we eat for dinner. They are still huge fans of their veggies and I hope this continues! They absolutely love asparagus, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas! They are loving cantaloupe and watermelon this summer!! We just tried mangoes and they love those as well!

Haircuts: Well, I am having a hard time with this issue! I LOVE their hair as it is! I have made appointments twice only to cancel! I just think this can wait a bit longer! Now, Rob did cut Austin's bangs because we couldn't see his eyes but that is where I am drawing the line now.

Things can change in an instant...Austin got asked to not play with his food and his feelings got very hurt!

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