Thursday, June 4, 2009

Celebrating 7 Months of JOY

6/4: The Peas are Seven months today! It is unbelievable! It seems to be going so FAST! The Peas are doing GREAT! They are doing more and more each and every day! I am astounded at their progress! Today, Austin rolled from his back to his belly! He was the only one that had not accomplished this task. So funny that it was today because I was on the phone with my father in law earlier and he asked me about rolling and I had reported that he had not rolled yet...later...he did it! WOW! I am so amazed at my little peas! Also, today they got to play with their new turtles. We had one turtle that I got in Hawaii and they all loved this turtle! They played and played with it so I looked for it online and found is a Lamaze Turtle by Learning Curve. So, I ordered 2 turtles and they arrived last night! They are perfect because these turtles have a blue body and the old one is purple. So, the boys got the new one and Emily gets to keep the old one! We also celebrated by making hand impressions with plaster! We have been trying to do this for months but as you know....our lives are quite busy!!!
3 Peas with their Turtle (the name of the turtle is Tucker)
Austin with his new turtle right before nap. You see the sleepy eyes? Matthew with his new Turtle! Nap Time!!Emily with the original Turtle! It's mine!! I don't have to share anymore!Dad mixing the PlasterAustin making his hand impression!
Austin's handMatthew's handThe Boys - hands - waiting for them to dry!

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